Here are some of our most popular product lines and some featured products for all of your housekeeping needs:


Green Tools 1 

A detailed list of our Rubbermaid Microfiber & Accessories line.

Green Tools 2

A detailed look at our Golden Star Microfiber & Accessories line.

Green Concentrates

A detailed look at our Focus Brand cleaning products.

General Housekeeping

 Products such as: Glass Cleaner Aerosol , Glass&Plastic Protective Coating, Oven Cleaner Citrus Cleaner&Degreaser, Multipurpose, Clean, Degrease, Deodorize, Organic Cleaner&Degreaser, Dirty Harry. Glass Cleaner Pints

Restroom & Disinfectants 

Products such as: Hang Tags, Bowl Clips Super Absorbent, Toss Blocks, Enzymatic Cleaner Block & Screen, Urinal Screens, Enzymatic Rimstick, Bio-Snake Block, Deodorant Block, Hand Soap - Air Freshener, Waterless Disinfectants, Germicidal Cleaner, Neutral Lemon Disinfectant, Hospital Spray Disinfectant, Mold & Mildew Cleaner, Cleaner & Descaler, Acid Replacement Cleaner, Lime & Scale Remover, Bowl Cleaner, Pine Cleaner, Cleaning Towels, Stainless Steel Cleaners

Odor Control

Products such as: Multi Purpose Deodorizer, Dry Air Fresheners, Odor Control Fogger, Bacteria Odor Eliminator, Jelled Deodorant, Liquid Odor Counteractant, Crystalline Odor Eliminator, Granular Odor Eliminator, Metered Scents, Metered Machines, Fragrance Beads

Polishers & Conditioners

Products such as: Chalk & Whiteboard Cleaner, Wood Wipes, Stainless Steel - Towels, Stainless Steel - Oil Based, Furniture Polish, Stainless Steel - Water Based, Stain Removal Pads, Micro Fiber Cleaning

Graffiti Removers

Products such as: Aerosol Gel Paint & Graffiti Remover, Paint & Graffiti Remover (Towel), Graffiti Remover - Pints, Graffiti Remover - Aerosol

Hand & Skin Care

Products such as: Hand Soap - Air Freshener, Waterless Disinfectants, Pumice Hand Cleaner, Citrus Hand Cleaner, Barrier Lotion, Poison Oak & Ivy Skin Cleanser, Sun Block, Instant Gel Cleaner, Hand Cleaner Towels, Hand Disinfectant, Body Wash

Floor & Carpet Care

Products such as: Carpet Cleaner&Deodorizer, Floor Finish, Rug & Room Deodorant, Non-Oil Dust Mop Treatment, Dust Mop Treatment - Oil Emulsion Aerosol, Concrete Sealer, Crystalline Odor Eliminator, Extraction Fluid, Salt Deposit Removal, Lemon Disinfectant, Carpet-Upholstery Stain Repellent, Active Bacteria Odor Eliminator, Chewing Gum Remover, Carpet Neutralizer, Buffing Concrete Sealer, Non-Ammoniated Stripper,  Stripper Aerosol, Stripper Neutralizer

Super Towels

Products such as: Sun Protection, Wood Wipes, Anti Static, Graffiti Removal, Stainless Steel Cleaning & Polishing, Vinyl-Rubber Cleaning & Protecting, Multi Purpose Cleaning, Glass Wipes,   Toilet Seat Wipes, Insect Repellent, Miracle Wipes, Sanitizing Wipes, Disinfectant Wipes



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