Maintenance Engineering

Transmission Gears

Here are some of our most popular maintenance engineering product lines and some of our featured products:


Air Filtration

We are an authorized distributor for Quality Filters, Inc complete line of air filtration products.


Paints & Coatings

Products such as: High Solids Industrial Coating, High Temp Paint, Primer Coating Paint, Rust Converter, Cold Zinc Galvanize, Metal Parts Protector, Parking Lot Marking Paint, Acoustical Tile Restorer, Hi Dielectric Coating, Paint  Removers, Slip Resistant Coating, Stainless Steel Coating

HVAC Maintenance

Products such as: Low Scent Coil Cleaner, Condenser Coil & Fin Cleaner, Coil Cleaner Solvent Based, Cold Pipe Insulation, Clog Away Air Conditioning Tabs, Ice Machine Cleaner, Coil Cleaner (Gals)

Cleaners & Degreasers

Products such as: Multipurpose Clean, Degrease, Deodorize, Tar & Adhesive Removers, Clean&Degrease, Paint Remover, Safety Solvent, Moisture Displacer, Contact Cleaner, Aerosol Duster, Foam Degreaser

Industrial Lubricants

Products such as: Dry Silicone, Odorless Lubricant, Wet Silicone, Penetrating Lubricant, Cutting & Tapping Fluid, Teflon Lubricant, Dry Graphite, White Lithium Grease, "Chain & Cable Lube, Gear Lube, Non-Melt Grease (Aerosol), Dry Lube Aerosol, Anti Seize, Non Melt Red Grease, Impact Grease, Food Grade Grease, Grease Gun


Products such as: Frost & Ice Remover, Belt Dressing, Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel, Diesel Clean, Undercoat & Sound Deadener, Brake Stop Squeal, Tar & Adhesive Remover, Cleaner & Degreaser, Car & Truck Wash, Wax, Vinyl Protector& Detailer  , Tire & Trim, Carb Cleaner, Brake Parts Cleaner, Starting Fluid

Drain & Sewer

Products such as: Sulfuric Acid Drain Opener, Odor Block Sulfuric , Non Acid Drain Opener, Crystal Drain Opener, Trap Cleaner, Odor Eliminator, Tracing Dye , Deodorant Blocks, Aerosol Drain Opener, Mud Removal, Drain Reducer

Boiler Water Treatment

Products such as:  Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor, Steam Boiler Treatment, Tracing Dye


Plumbing Hardware

Products such as: AutoFlush Clamp Unit, AutoFlush  New&Improved Unit, AutoFaucet with Surround Sensor


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